Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Same Old Lovers

Great, Valentine's Day and I have to write about love today because that is the thing to do right? This should be an easy thing to do, but alas I am not a writer about love, just ask my wife.  And on top of that, I am not much of writer, again ask my wife.  However this Valentine's Day I have been asked to participate in a blog tour to promote the album "Where it Began" by Shellee Coley.  Same Old Lovers is the second track on Coley's first full length album being released on Feb. 28 (take a listen here) and is the piece that I want to write on today.  What draws me into this song is that I can feel the song in my bones, in my heart.  I have had the opportunity to hear the album in advance and this is one of the songs that just reached out, grabbed me, and will not let go.  It is able to highlight the relationship I am in with my wife.  It feels as of songwriting took pages of our life and relationship and used it as the core of this song.  As Coley sings about her relationship with her husband, I can close my eyes and relate to the song because it is the love soundtrack of the relationship and love I have with my wife.  As my eyes are closed and I hear Coley sing about new resolutions for more to their relationship, the slide show of my life and relationship with my love begins to play.  New Year's Eves shared watching movies, sharing pizza and if we can stay awake watching the ball drop in Time Square.  We do that every year and that is our old tradition, while cursing out the old year for screwing us and looking to the next to bless us.  And with the unexpected changes in my own life this past fall (job loss, identity loss, and the struggles that come with) I know that I can turn to my wife, my same old lover and get through whatever life throws at me and us.  At the same time each piece of life that we feel screws us is the opportunity to reinvent our old love into that of a new and strengthened love.  We have to adapt to continue that relationship, for it to thrive.  I have to admit I love the same old same, but I have come to value and look forward to the result of the new love that comes from each mountain that we are able to climb and conquer.  We renew our love with each opportunity that comes along.  "Same Old Lovers" is the soundtrack that speaks to this, through pain, through joy, through the mundane and reminds us that there is always a new adventure right around the corner in love.  "Same Old Lovers" is simply a song that transcends through any relationship, at any moment in that relationship.  It can be a new love, a love of years, or a love of a lifetime but any love shared by two committed lovers is what is at the core of these lyrics.  Coley grips the heart and is simple in the truth of what our relationships are...love and what it takes to be in love. Same old same longing for love and finding that one person that is the new and the old love of our lives in one.  Nothing fancy, no Hallmark card, just the simple that we were made to love and to share our lives with another

To my wife this Valentine's Day"there is still so much to go" and I am with you for every step of the journey and I can not wait!